What are the documents required while joining the hostel?

Submit a Photocopy of your Address Proof,ID card and 1 Passport size photo

In-time to the hostel

In-time to the hostel 10 P.M

What if I work in late night shifts?

Warden must be informed before hand

Is there any particular timing for dining?

  • Breakfast timings on weekdays : 06.45AM - 09.45AM
  • Breakfast timings on weekends : 08.00AM - 10.00AM
  • Lunch timings on all days : 12.30PM - 02.00PM
  • Dinner timings on all days : 08.00PM - 09.45PM

Can I pack my lunch?

Yes on Weekdays. Lunch will be ready by morning 07.00AM

What are the room tariffs?

The room rent varies from Rs 4000/- to Rs 10000/- according to the sharing basis and location.

What are the Procedure while vacating the hostel?

Prior notice to be given 30 days before vacating the hostel and the initial amount which was deposited while joining would be taken as the rent for the notice period.

Is it mandatory to get receipts for the amount we pay?

Yes. It is Mandatory

Can I take my friends inside hostel premises?

No.But in exceptional cases, prior permission from the warden is required.

Can I be a paying guest for some days?

Yes you can.

Is there any option/discount in tariff for staying without food?


Are the rooms be cleaned everyday?

Yes.We take utmost care in maintaining hygienic ambience.

What are all the food items provided?

  • Breakfast : Idly/Dosa/Puri/Pongal/Upma/Ragi Vermiceli
  • Lunch : VathaiKolambhu,Ennai Kathirikkai Kolambhu,Sambhar,Buttermilk,KeeraKolambhu,Tamarind, rice,Vegetable rice,Lemon rice,Coconut rice,Curd rice
  • Dinner : Weekly once rice,Other days Idly,Dosa,Chappathi,Noodles